Guides and Strategies for Playing Head Tail Online Gambling

Guides and Strategies for Playing Head Tail Online Gambling

Strategies Precise in Playing Head Tail Online Gambling

In any online gambling game there must be a trick or strategy in playing it, a strategy is needed to achieve victory and to minimize defeat. Even though it looks easy and simple, playing the Online Gambling Head Tail also requires the right strategy. Here is a brief discussion of the basic strategies in playing Headline Online Gambling, especially for those of you beginners who are just learning this game and don’t forget to play on a trusted online gambling site that gives you experience and comfort in playing, additional info.

  1. Game Result History

In this game, our carefulness in paying attention to the previous results in the game will be very helpful in achieving victory, because in general the numbers that come out will not be far from the history of the previous game results so that in the game posted a notification of the results of the previous output numbers that can help us in determining the results next.

  1. Understanding the Types of Bets

In the Online Gambling game we must understand each type of bet. Because betting is a determinant of whether we can win the game with big results or with low results and vice versa when we determine how much deposit we will use to bet. Here are some types of bets that are generally found in the Online Head Tail Gambling game.

  • Guess the Head / Tail

In playing you bet by selecting more Head output than Tail with the following illustrations: (head, head, head), (Tail, Head, Head), (Head, Tail, Head) and (Head, Head, Tail) and vice versa if you select Tail output more than Head. The following are illustrations: (tail, tail, tail), (tail, tail, head), (head, tail, tail) and (tail, head, tail). The winning calculation for this bet is x1 x1 of the total bet (key 5%)

  • Guess Left / Right

This bet type is almost the same as guessing head / tail. But the difference is in the choice between choosing the left or right bet. For the calculation of winning bets this is the same as the head / tail bet ie x1 x1 of the total bet (key 5%)

  • Guess 2 n 1 Coin

In this bet, the winning calculation is x2.6 of the bet amount


  • Guess 1 Coin

In this bet type you are required to guess just 1 coin and the correct picture that comes out on 1 coin both head and tail. Win percentage for this bet is x1 of the bet amount (key 5%)

  • Guess 3 Coins

This bet has the highest difficulty level to get because you have to guess the three images that appear on the coin all correctly. The winning percentage for this bet is also very high at x7.8 of the bet amount



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